Facebook Playable Ads

In May 2018, Facebook announced the launch of a new ad format, playable ads. Playable ads provide users with rich media experiences directly in their newsfeeds, allowing them to try mobile apps before downloading, play mini-games, and engage more directly with the advertisements that they are shown.

In this article, we’ll explain what Facebook playable ads are, show how they can be used, and cover a few basic reasons why they may be the perfect choice for your company.

Playable Ads
Playable Ads

What Are Facebook Playable Ads?

Facebook playable ads are advertisements that show up in user’s newsfeeds, allowing them to interact and play mini-games directly through the advertisement. Typically these games are short, providing Facebook users with a simple, interactive way to familiarize themselves with a brand. Playable ads are a format that is especially suited for driving engagement.

The most common way in which playable ads are used is to provide users with a short trial version of a mobile game or app. Letting users ‘test drive’ the app before clicking through to install gets them invested and removes one of the largest barriers to entry.

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